Fig. 1 A scheme summarizing known interactions between the various constituents of cell-matrix adhesions. Components that were found to be associated with with cell-matrix adhesion sites are placed inside the internal green box, whereas additional selected proteins that affect matrix adhesions but were nt reported to stably associate with them are placed in the external blue frame. The general property of each component is indicated by the color of its box, and the type of interaction between the components is indicated by the style and color of the interconnecting lines, as indicated at the legend. For further details about this scheme see Cell Science at a glance in this issue (Zamir and Geiger, 2001, J. Cell Science 114:3577-3579). Figure taken from Zamir and Geiger, (2001) J. Cell Science 114:3583-3590 and reproduced by kind permission of the Company of Biologists.