Domain Structures & Interaction Partners

The domain structures and interacting partners of migration related proteins are presented in the links provided below. Powerpoint slides for these figures are available on each protein page. This is an incomplete list of migration related proteins and if you have similar slides for other relevant proteins that you would be willing to share, we will be happy to make them available through this site. Please contact us at


and34 domains


PAK domains

PIXB (beta PIX)

pixb domains

PXN (Paxillin)

paxillin domains

ABL1 (c-Abl)

abl1 domains

BCAR1 (Cas)

cas domains


GIT1 domains

VCL (Vinculin)

vinculin domains


grb7 domains

TNS (Tensin)

tensin domains

ILK and LIMS1 (Pinch)

ilk/pinch domains

PTPN6 (Shp1) and PTPN11 (Shp2)

shp domains