Src Family

Aliases: tyrosine kinase pp60c-src, proto-oncogene tyrosine-protein kinase SRC, tyrosine-protein kinase SRC-1, protooncogene SRC, Rous sarcoma, ASV, SRC, SRC1, c-SRC, p60-Src

Processes & Diseases

Processes involved: adhesion

Pfam Domain Structure

From SRC (human)

Members of the Src Family
1: SRC » Human Mouse Rat Chicken Fly Worm
CMKB SRC Src Src SRC Src64B -
Entrez Gene 6714 20779 83805 396442 48973 -
OMIM 190090 - - - - -
Reagents - 2 available - - - -
Results 3 available - - - 2 available -
Family Summary

Src (c-Src) is highly similar to the v-src gene of Rous sarcoma virus, and is a non-receptor tyrosine kinase with oncogenic potential. The encoded protein is a tyrosine-protein kinase whose activity can be inhibited by phosphorylation by c-SRC kinase.

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Consortium Results & Data
Results & Data
Ortholog Species Type Description Method Status Source Publications
SRC none structure

Beta 3-Src SH3


completed Campbell
Discovery» siRNA migration screen using a wound healing approach
Gene Description     MCF-10A phenotype     Secondary screen Wound Image Morphology Time-lapse
Aliases: ASV, SRC1, c-SRC, p60-Src
Entrez Gene: 6714
siRNA catalog
v-src sarcoma (Schmidt-Ruppin A-2) viral oncogene homolog (avian)
mRNA: NM_005417
Library: Kinase
Classification: Ser/Thr Kinase;Tyr Kinase
Focal Adhesion Related: Yes
Final bin: Discordant
SMARTpool bin: No change
Avg area: 1.23
Avg Alamar: 1.04
Knockdown %: 60-70
Discovery» siRNA Focal Adhesion Phenotypes
Gene Description High-Res Montage
Aliases: ASV, SRC1, c-SRC, p60-Src
Entrez Gene: 6714
siRNA catalog
v-src sarcoma (Schmidt-Ruppin A-2) viral oncogene homolog (avian)
mRNA: NM_005417
Library: Kinase
Proteomics» Table 1. Identification and Quantitation of Proteins from Cell Body (CB) and Pseudopodium (PD) fractions
IPI Locus Description CB Spectra CB peptide PD Spectra PD peptide ratio
IPI00328867 SRC OTTHUMP00000030925. 7 7 24 9 3.43
Discovery» Drosophila Migration Genes
Gene Name Function Cell
Phenotypes Reagents/
Entrez: CG7524
Flybase: FBgn0003501
Src64B tyrosine kinase embryonic trachea Loss of function: trachea morphology changes

Comments: increases the rate of adherens junction turnover
Src64BP1 Masayo Shindo et al., 2008
Discovery» Drosophila Morphology Genes
Gene Name Cell Count/
Entrez Gene: 48973
Src oncogene at 64B
Aliases: Src proto oncogene sequence
1.208 1.118 Actin: 1.267
Area: 0.841
Ratio: 1.507
Consortium Related Products*
Mice » activity page
Ortholog Species Name Method Phenotype Status Jax Availability Source Publications
SRC mouse Src1 (p60-Src) (SrcFK)
Src -/- mice exhibit osteopetrosis owing to the inability of osteoclasts to form a sealing zone. completed
Lowe et al.
SRC mouse Src1 (p60-Src) (SrcFK)
Src1-/- mice exhibit moderate motor dysfunction, but normal hippocampal function. Delay in purkinje cell maturation at eh neonatal stage. completed
Nishihara et al.
Biosensors » activity page
Ortholog Species Name Type Source Publications
SRC none Src Affinity reagent for endogenous Src - genetically encode FRET Hahn
SRC none Src Intramolecular FRET between FPs - CFP-SH2-Tyr substrate-YFP
Ting et al., Wang et al.
SRC none Src Chelation-enhanced fluorophore Imperiali
SRC none Src Affinity reagent for endogenous Src - environmentally sensitive dye Hahn Gulyani et al.

* The resources presented here are largely those generated by the Consortium. The sidebar provides public databases that complement Consortium activities. For mice and biosensors, a public database is not available and therefore we have attempted to generate a migration related list for your convenience.

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